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Dalinda 12-28-2013 01:16 AM

Re: my baby's daddy is an addict

Originally Posted by Halia (Post 2146)
Ladies, thank you so much for all the support you've been giving me through these comments. I appreciate them. I know you've all been waiting for the BIG news, haha. Well, here it goes...

We have resolved the issue and finally came up to a decision which I believe is the best for each one of us. We've decided to live together. I know most of you were shocked as a lot of my friends did. I thought I needed to give him a chance too. It is also a way for me to really know how we could handle the family life with a problem. You see, having a family life isn't a bed of roses, so why not deal with this first issue we had to face? I know this will involve a great deal of hope, disappointment and pressure but I think it's best to deal with it now so as to solve his addiction ASAP. The thought of leaving him also pains me - the regret of giving him a chance to change and giving our child a chance to have a dad around. Not to mention the fact that I robbed the three of us the chance to have a strong united family. This is my sacrifice. I swallowed my pride, I gave up my preference to leave him, I had to face the comments of my family and friends- everything, even my liberty. But I feel this is the right thing to do. And all for our baby, I'll blood try.

Wow, this is something great to know about. Good luck Halia and hope all of you are doing just fine.

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