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Default Possible Breech Birth Baby Defects

A baby born in the breech position enters the birth canal buttocks or feet first rather than head first. If your doctor determines that your baby is going to be born breech and won’t turn on their own, they may attempt an external cephalic version by manually trying to turn the baby’s position, although this does carry risks. Your doctor may also opt to deliver your baby via C-section to avoid possible breech birth baby defects. Here’s a look at possible birth defects that are associated with breech birth.

Possible Breech Birth Baby Defects to Understand
Babies born in the breech position may require forceps to be delivered, which may cause a cord prolapse. This cuts off the baby’s supply of oxygen temporarily. The umbilical cord may also be pressed down, which is known as cord compression, when your water breaks. This is one common reason for birth defects associated with breech births. Common birth defects associated with breech birth include:
  • Down Syndrome. Babies with Down Syndrome are more likely to be born in the breech position, although their position does not cause this genetic disorder.
  • Chromosome Issues. A problem with the babies number of chromosomes or their structure is also associated with a breech birth position. These problems may cause heart disease or mental retardation.
  • Autism. Babies born in the breech position are more likely to suffer the effects of cord compression or cord prolapse, both of which decrease the supply of oxygen to the baby. This reduction in oxygen levels can cause some forms of brain damage which may eventually lead to autism.
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